2KW Flood Light Luminaires - Short Arc / Long Arc Lamps

venture 2kw mh flood lights

Specifications & Features

  • Body, rear cover and glass frame in die cast aluminum with primary alloy and low copper content, with an high weather proof rating.
  • Coated with silver polyester powder.
  • Front tempered glass resistant to high temperatures and to thermal shock.
  • PsSFC20-6 (cable & lug) Lamp holder
  • Anti-ageing gaskets in silicon rubber
  • Connection box in special self extinguish plastic material, complete with ignitor.
  • Insulation class I and II
  • Construction site
  • Coal yard
  • Railway marshalling yard
  • Airport apron
  • Sports stadium
  • Facade lighting
  • security lighting
  • High mast lighting

Technical & Ordering Information Download Datasheet

Part No Lamp Type Lamp Qty Wattage Nominal Rated Voltage
VL/AFL/NI/DE-2000W-N MH 1 2000 380/400/415


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Low Bay

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