Electrical Earthing Works

Earthing System Installation Services in India

If you are looking for the best earthing solution for your application then you landed in the right place. We are one of the india’s leading experts in Earthing & Bonding Management and also known for our specialization in Earthing System design. Our Solutions yields effective electrical earthing and bonding. It ensures the health of your industry is maintained at its highest standard.

Earthing is one of the important aspects of the Electrical line. If you are using expensive and delicate equipment then Earthing is a must in order to avoid shock or any major hazard. When it comes to spending money on the electrical arrangement, most of the people generally avoid spending on Earthing and Lightning protection. In that case, you might compromise on quality. Earthing system is also very important and using a good quality product is very important.

Tekvihaan undertake contract works for providing cost effective earthing system for all kind of electrical equipment and systems as per IS 3043 which inclusive of construct RCC earth pit chamber, laying & connecting GI or CU wire or flat strip between electrical system earth terminals to earth rod and testing of earthing system.

Services We Offer

  • Conventional & chemical earthing
  • Earthing system installation & commissioning work
  • Earth pit chamber construction
  • Earthing & bonding (E&B) management
  • Tests & measurements of earthing system