High Mast Erection & Repairing Service

high mast tower installation in india

We are experts in installing, commissioning and maintaining high mast lighting systems. Our experienced and capable teams of high mast installation experts are on hand to run your entire high mast lighting projects from start to finish. We can manage all on-site installation requirements.

We have experience of all types of installations like stadium lighting, display mast, traffic signal mast, camera mast, flag mast and highways lighting. Once the high mast lighting system is installed we can commission it for you. This involves ensuring the lighting, timer control and motor controls systems are fully functioning as per the lighting design.

We do repair and maintenance of high mast supplied by any vendor. We supply spares for your existing mast & do maintenance according to your demand. In case of shifting your high mast from one location to other location, we could help you with our experts. Any kind of High mast is ideal requirement for industrial or commercial areas, docks, airports, flyovers, railway stations, car parks, warehousing, logistics and even some hazardous areas.

Services We Offer

  • High Mast Lighting Design Calculation
  • Tower & Mast Structural Design Analysis
  • Earthing System
  • Erection, Testing and Commissioning of High Mast
  • Repair and Maintenance of High Mast
  • Relocating & Re-installation of High Mast
  • Painting