Solar Rooftop Installation Service

high mast tower installation in india

Electricity power is getting more expensive with time and people are intent in utilizing renewable and solar energy to meet their power needs. Power cuts and dependence on DG sets is making individuals search for more and better sources. Solar energy PV panels are the ideal option to generate your own electricity. We are the leading solar rooftop panel installation in Chennai with presence across India.

Use your rooftops to generate your own power and enjoy uninterrupted power for years while at the same time contribute towards sustainable development and greener environment. Electricity costs constitute a significant share in overall operating costs for a commercial establishment. Tekvihaan has helped various corporate reduce their electricity costs and simultaneously ensuring better ROI. The electricity produced in excess can be sold to the grid through net-metering mechanism.

Various corporate and institutions have chosen to work with us as their trusted partner in their journey towards eco-friendly and sustainable development. Tekvihaan provide PV Solar modules, EPC Turnkey Solutions, Grid connected Utility and off grid Industrial & Residential Projects using solar Photovoltaic Technology.

Services We Offer

  • Solar Design Calculation & Estimation
  • Solar EPC rooftop
  • Solar Farms
  • Solar Inverter, Mounting stretch
  • Electrical Remote Monitoring
  • Preventive / Corrective Maintenance
  • All civil work including foundation
  • O & M for Existing power plants